Top Ten Negative Emotions (Part 2) 

The list of negative emotions will help you reflect on the most common emotions affecting your current lifestyle.

6. Despair/Discouragement

7. Apathy

8. Disappointment

9. Shame/Embarrassment

10. Jealousy

The list can continue with synonyms and adjectives. Anxiety, for example, can arise from insecurity, but would you consider insecurity a negative emotion or the lack of confidence as the negative factor? The debate can continue. Rather than focus on the numerous words we can use to describe feelings, let’s consider what each one of these emotions means to you.


Despair can be a word for sadness, or it can be linked to discouragement not only of our personal perception, but also from outside factors. When someone looks down on us or does not respect us, despair and discouragement flourish, but that someone can just as easily be yourself instead of another person.


Normally, we feel sympathy, we commiserate with others; however, when we feel negative emotions, such as disappointment, jealousy and anger we can begin to sink into apathy. No longer are we willing

to feel kind or empathy for another, instead, we cannot understand their « pain. »


Expectations can make a person feel desire, but when those wants, or needs are not fulfilled then we can feel disappointment, rejection, and dwell on the loss rather than the gain.


There are times when a person will feel embarrassed, ashamed, or similar emotions often because of the actions taken. However, embarrassment and shame can also be rooted in fear and anxiety. Bullying, letting someone bully you, or feeling incapable can lead to these negative emotions that prevent you from taking control and living a better life.


Who says what you “deserve?” Do we all come into this world deserving something great? More than ever it does seem like we are taught that instead of working hard, we deserve the greatest that life has to offer, but that only leads to jealousy and other negative feelings. Jealousy is when you look at the people around you and wish you had their life. Only, you do not know what their life is actually like. Sometimes a life can look rosy from your shoes, but when you step inside theirs, things are not what they seem. Jealousy can eat at us, make us weak, and lead to under performance.